HYBRID ANIMATED SERIES 13x7 min, for kids 6-10


Why do I lose hair? Why can’t I go to school with your friends every day? And what even is this tumor?
These are no simple questions and thanks to this series you will get the answers.

We are going to take you for 13 visits in a happy beetle car, during which you’ll find out a lot of interesting information and you’ll understand what each test does and aims to find out, what to eat during treatment and what to do for fun, what does white and red blood cell do, what is an ultrasound. Thanks to that you’ll be one bold baldie!


The matter of cancer is a global topic, which is significant regardless of gender, age, race or religion. The author of the project, Eliška Podzimková, is a former cancer patient herself. She was diagnosed at sixteen years old and now, ten years after treatment, is still actively taking part in projects regarding this topic.

The series will address all the important information regarding treatment for new patients through animated and live action passages. The content will be supplemented with interviews with former patients who have gone through the entire process and can give courage and hope to those who have the whole treatment still ahead of them. All the episodes in our series are, however, also aimed at a wider public viewership.


From fantasy to reality and back. A seamless blend of animated and live action scenes will allow us to take a look inside the body. The colorful beetle car travels through the countryside and during the jingle of the series enters a blood vessel full of white and red blood cells floating around. Everything is colorful and positive, apart from the bacteria and tumor cells, which are the classic fairy tale villains.



The main character is a little boy (9 years old), a patient who will be a guide through the story and will explore the facts with a child‘s point of view. He is persuasive, funny but at the same time he is helpful and a good listener. He is also fearless and perceptive. His right hand companion is a beetle car. Together and in good spirits, they embark on a journey of discovery.


Toby ‘s best friend going through treatment as well. They met at the hospital. Since then, they‘ve been friends in need. When one doesn‘t feel well, the other will come cheer them up. Emma is hardly ever in a bad mood, she constantly comes up with funny shenanigans and entertains everyone around. She likes to dance and come up with crazy hats and wigs.

the series creator

Eliška Podzimková is a Czech animator, illustrator, photographer and an artist, now living in Prague. In 2014 she graduated from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek. She received recognition in the USA, partially thanks to her instagram profile @AnimateNY (now @eliskap). She fulfilled her dream to live and create in her favorite city - New York City. Instagram quite literally changed her life and brought cooperation, of which the small town girl didn’t even dream. She has worked on Jamie Oliver’s chef show’s opening credits, the front page of the New York Metro magazine, illustrated photos for the american Vogue or various articles in worldwide media.
Her project Little Prince edition, which Eliška illustrated and photographed in Iceland and a related interactive exhibition, was touring in the Czech Republic till 2021.

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